Fashion For Souls

Shadow Angels is stylish, colorful wearable art designed to elevate consciousness. Based on original art work by Denver's own MCT in his spiritual pantheistic art universe. Each piece of artwork tells a story about our journey through darkness to finding our inner light.


We Support Recovery In People

We are a proud supporter of Stout Street Foundation and their mission of providing short-term and long-term treatment to people of addictions and in need of recovery in the Denver Metro area by donating 10% of each sale to their organization. Stout Street Foundation also provides residents a safe and supportive environment to overcome their addiction and learn to thrive in their recovery. The foundation's unique, long-term support model places an emphasis on relationships, life skills, and deeper healing.

MCT Artwork

Cover Up

It started as an Easter painting for my kids with riddles to solve to find the eggs. Then I decided to "recycle" it into art and literally "covered up" the prior messages. While making it I got into the inspiration of conspiracy theories and played with the idea of secret society messages in an urban setting with spray paint.

Four Absolutes

The Four Absolutes are credited as the early "guideposts" of what later became the 12 Steps in AA. This version takes the four points of the cross during the crucifixion of Christ and names each of the Four Absolutes he lived and died by, Love, Purity, Unselfishness and Honesty.

Bone Crusher

Bone Crusher's origin comes from the basic text of AA which states "The philosophy of self-sufficiency is not paying off. Plainly enough it is a bone-crushing juggernaut whose final achievement is ruin." This passage applies to anyone who is suffering alone to not ask for help when it is needed the most.

Fashion & Art Show

2023 Wearable Art Fashion + Art Collection Event Featuring Shadow Angels & MCT

Shadow Angels Clothing and MCT LoFi have partnered together and is thrilled to present the wearable art fashion line mix with a showcasing artwork from Denver's own artist, MCT.

This event will showcase the exclusive art collections from MCT LoFi while also introducing a wearable art clothing line, Shadow Angels Clothing. This is where clothing, artwork and fashion collide in a dazzling display of avant-garde looks. This wearable art show/fashion and art collection event will feature the story of Shadow Angels and MCT LoFi's journey and models will be present showcasing the clothing line. Plus plenty of music, bar beverages, food and a mess of Skylight-i-ness!

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